Pi star mobile

Comment 1. I set up mine on a wired connection first and was fiddling with the different display settings. This is not totally obvious, but I think I read comments elsewhere that this is the expected behavior.

Pi-Star showed it on Some of the key settings to get this working were:. Once I had the above settings configured on my radio and transmitting on my IcomI saw myself pop up on the REF activity last heard list, so we are looking good so far:.

I returned his call, and we had a quick QSO and confirmed that my setup was good; audio quality was also good. So, I was pleased that it was all set up and working properly. The next steps are to solder the headers onto my new Pi Zero and move the mmdvm board from my Pi3 across to the zero. Then, I can put it in the custom aluminum case, and then my hotspot will be all set!

See the original article here. Over a million developers have joined DZone. Let's be friends:. DZone 's Guide to. Want to learn how to set up an amateur radio digital voice hotspot?

Free Resource. Like 1. Join the DZone community and get the full member experience. Join For Free. Like This Article? Opinions expressed by DZone contributors are their own. IoT Partner Resources.Pi-Star has had some basic integration with the BrandMeister API for some time, allowing information about your repeater or hotspot. Now you will be presented with your API key, you will want to select all of the text in the text area at the top, and copy that.

Thats all there is to it, the next time you use the "Admin" link in Pi-Star, you will now have access to the API features that look like the below:. BrandMeister API Integration Pi-Star has had some basic integration with the BrandMeister API for some time, allowing information about your repeater or hotspot to be read from the BrandMeister network, however all of this information was only available as read-only; Until now that is You will be prompted to give this key a name, for this example I call it "Pi-Star" Now you will be presented with your API key, you will want to select all of the text in the text area at the top, and copy that right click, copy for use on the Pi-Star dashboard in the next step.

Pi Star Part 1 WiFi Auto AP

Once you have the text copied, press the OK button. Paste the key into the box, and apply the changes; Thats all there is to it, the next time you use the "Admin" link in Pi-Star, you will now have access to the API features that look like the below:. Page actions Page Discussion More Tools. Personal tools Log in.On P25 it connects to the P25 Gateway.

Stopping Services Done Updating DV Binaries Done Updating Pi-Star Binaries Done Updating Hostfiles Done Updating Dashboard Done Updating PiStar-Firewall Done Starting Services This is where you type your commands.

A press of the ptt for a moment will cause the reflector change to take place. There is a bit of important info here:- Calls to BM are as usual ie, etc. The xlx masters have a default reflector. This options provide the same features like sysops of "public repeaters" know from the registration database.

Each command has to be followed by a semicolon ";". Do not forget this at the last one. The name of the parameters are case-sensitive. The order does not care. Not all parameters need to be present, missing parameters are set from the settings in the DMR-Master. The values may be empty if you want to make sure that values from the DMR-Master settings will be cleared. Special limitations apply for DMO mode hotspots. There is only one timeslots in DMO-Mode, therefore the settings are limited.

This influences the options. By default a DMO repeater will be connected to a reflector, either given by the DMR-Master, or by options, or by registration database.

Finally, without database entry and without the options being activated, or not all parameters set, the settings from the DMR-Master will be used. The idea with this order is: Many public repeaters are located at special locations with limited access and often sysops are no Linux experts.This is an example how to change the color or the Pi-Star interface. No comments:. Note 1: If you don't want to auto-connect to a talkgroup when Pi-Star is set up as a hotspot. Disable auto update PI-Star.

pi star mobile

Password for Root Directory in Pistar. Question : I need the password to access the Root directory in the Pistar system. I've tried all the usual like pistar, raspberry and password. Answer :. Pi-Star Mobile Dashboard. Pi-Star Mobile Dashboard is released The installation is pretty straight forward, and can be done by following the instructions below.

If set to Public, anyone can get in. How do you lower the RF TX power. I can attach it to the system board.

pi star mobile

I found this document but I am wondering if the code in the steps is valid. I am just wondering if I can skip some of those steps, or if some one as coded a good template in a batch or ssh file new be to Linux you can put in your settings and then configure your hotspot. Here is the config document link.

PI-Star version 3.

Md380tools on Pi-Star

Everything appeared to finish as normal and I did a reboot. When I ran the system again and viewed the dash board the top right gave this Pi-Star Did it update or am I still on 3. The system works great and is much appreciated. I have a mmdvm open spot and it has a hidden antenna built inside the box. It turned out I could use my HT with 0. So I got inside the expert menu, and tuned down the "RFLevel" from to After the change, the communication is satisfactory in my apartment with reduced EMF.

Older Posts Home.Is this just for iPhone? I've followed it step by step for my galaxy s9 plus but just can't seem to get it to connect If you can connect to the regular dashboard this should work.

I can get to the windows dashboard just fine but no luck with getting to the mobile dashboard. System is a LG G6 with android 8 and using the chrome browser. Message says that site cannot be reached. I have executed the commands per both AmateurRadioDigital and your commands and neither work. Is there any way to tell if the mobile app is installed? John Bower N7KI. It's fixed. Used the up address to connect to it. John Bower. What is the "up address" I haven't learned how to determine the IP of the pi when connected to my Android yet And redacting the callsigns and other info above seems a bit silly I'll try that next time I start the pi.

Fing is a great app for finding IP addresses. It's in the play store and there's a Linux and probably a Windows version as well. On Nextion, when Iddle screen on at t3 field. I know it's almost one year late. Anyway, I hope it helps. BTW, As per Marshal's confirmed I noticed that the link does not work anymore, does anyone have a copy or a working link to it? I'll have to look into it. I know that site went to a paid subscription for the user database so that might have something to do with it.

Is it still available for download? Thanks a lot. Hi Dan Please have you found out anything more about the mobile dashboard? The instructions above seem to be 'broken' now. Hi, Having trouble getting the file, I keep getting Error not found, please advise, thank you. I keep getting Error not found, also.

My phone is Android Samsung Galaxy S Please advise, thank you. Can someone who installed it can provide pi-star. My old address shows up on the mobile dashboard how do I change It?

pi star mobile

I've changed it at the BM website months a go. As per Marshal's confirmed I think installing app is too much trouble on an iPhone and would be a better experience for an iPad.I'm not affiliated with the Pi-Star project. I'm sharing them just in case they might help anyone else. The notes are focused on personal, low-power hotspots, not repeaters. If anything needs correcting, please let me know. Pi-Star is digital voice software for hotspots and repeaters.

Pi-Star is relatively easy to set up for a personal hotspot, so don't be put off by the length of this article. It's long because it covers a lot of the rich set of features and configuration options, beyond what's needed to set it up for the first time.

For some hints about how to proceed, see: Pi-Star troubleshooting. If your hotspot came with a microSD card loaded with the Pi-Star image, skip ahead to step 3a.

If your hotspot uses a Raspberry Pi, download the RPi image. Extract the downloaded Pi-Star image zip file, and then flash the image file itself ends in. A good app for this is Etcher by balenaavailable for Windows, Mac, and Linux. You can dismiss any system message you get that says you need to format the microSD card when you first insert it or after you finish flashing the image.

Etcher formats the card, writes the image, and verifies it was written correctly. If you're using Pi-Star 3. You can jump to section: 3b Preparing for first boot up.

Auto AP also works with some WiFi dongles: list of dongles that work. If you can't use Auto AP or you just like to do things manually, after you finish flashing the image to a microSD card, you can manually add your initial WiFi settings to the boot partition so they'll auto-install on first boot up:.

Okay, take a deep breath: step 4 can be the most challenging one. What you need to do depends on your circumstances.In the main configuration of the pi-star you can change the hostname of the ZUMspot to something else. Load that up and run it and when you do you will see a screen listing all the devices running Wide-Area Bonjour on the local area lan:.

PI-Star Hotspot Interface

Now that you know the IP address you can use any browser to access it via IP address. PS if you are on a Mac running macOS look for the desktop app from Tildesoft and discover pi-star and other cool things on your local network.

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